The Bruna Twins Have the Largest Butt Augmentations – Dr. Terry Dubrow

In the all-new episode of Botched, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif meet with Nadinne and Dannita from argentina who want to undergo surgical operations.

Nadinne wants to fix the symmastia in her breasts while Dannita hopes to remove the excess skin under her arms.

This has been a huge problem for them as it has hindered their modelling career.

Dr. Nassif was surprised about the size of their butts and couldn’t help but asked if they were natural.

“Eight months ago, we did a fat transfer in Colombia.” Nadinne responded

Dr. Dubrow was surprised that the Bruna twins could undergo the procedure based on their fit physiques.

She also added that they had to gain six pounds each before having about 300cc’s injected into both of their butts.

“The Bruna twins had probably the largest fat transfer buttock augmentation I’ve ever seen,” Dr. Dubrow determines.

Will the doctors be able to help them out

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